Dr. Manuel Tejeda

Who is Dr. Manny Tejeda?

A Business Consultant, Hispanic Market & SEO Expert. He is also a Web Designer, who uses WordPress and Marketing to help change the world. Dr. Tejeda is a strong advocate of private property, freedom of expression and the right to a dignified life everywhere and for everyone, not just a few.


We help you Conquer the Hispanic Market

Among the nearly 55 million Hispanics in the United States and the more than 600 million people in Latin America, you will surely find many who require your products or services. The challenge is to reach the very diverse segments that compose the booming Hispanic Market with the right message. We help you design your Marketing and implement it through appropriate Internet strategies, which adapt to your budgets and goals.

We Design, Host and Develop your Website

Your website is not a static, but a dynamic entity that must be constantly developed, reflecting the personality and maturity of your business. And also the requirements of your customers, the market trends, and your competition. We combine the most innovative web design technologies with a large Marketing experience. That is our main differentiator and the reason we focus 100% on increasing your sales and your business growth.

We Make You "Findable": SEO + Internet Marketing

Having a beautiful website and great business pages on the social networks is not enough. You want people to find you, to know you, to recognize you, and you need them buying your products & services. Search Engine Optimization can make a big difference in the success of your business. The algorithms of Google and Bing change and develop constantly … the same is expected of your Internet presence.

Small Business General Consulting

Every small business is a world in itself, whose triumph begins with the definition of your product, the distribution channels you choose, the legal structure of your business, how you handle finances and their taxable components, how you create your team, and of course, the Marketing of your business, both in the real world and on the Internet. All along that path, you need mentors, advisors, and experts to help you save a lot of money and time.

We Make Sure You Succeed on the Web

Succeeding on the Internet is as complex as doing it in the real world. More complex even when, as almost always, your business requires a combination of both worlds. While some pretend to sell you magic “formulas”, we offer you a Practical Guide and a Learning Platform, while we accompany you along the way.

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Starting a Business to Win or to Serve... and Win Even More

The book that shows you how and why those who earn the most are also the ones who serve the most, those who are most integrated with the needs of their markets

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